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The collections of Latvian Museum of Architecture contain more than 1000 items. The Museum does not have a permanent exposition, and access to its archives can be provided to specialists with prior notification.

Collections of the museum are formed of the original works of architects, including outlines, sketches and drawings. Good quality sepia transparency copies or photocopies can be accepted in cases when the originals have not survived. The museum can also accept models, though in case of larges-scale models photo pictures are preferable. To ensure complete understanding of the architect's ideas, explanatory articles of the architectural part of the design are appreciated.

The designs by C. Haberland (1750-1803), J.D. Felsko (1813-1902) and V.N. Bockslaff (1858-1945) are the oldest works in the archives of the museum. The archives also contain some design sheets of the first professional Latvian architect J.F. Baumanis (1834-1891).

The largest collections are those of Aleksandrs Birzenieks (1893-1980), Aleksandrs Klinklavs (1899- 1982), Voldemars Vasilis (born in 1922), Pauls Kundzins (1888-1983), drawings of Ivars Bumbiers (born in 1932), and the works of students of the Faculty of Architecture of LU. Several architects living abroad, such as Gunars Birkerts (born in 1925), Eizens Janiss (born in 1911), Stanislavs Borbals (1907-2000), Janis Manfreds Sarma (born in 1909), Alfreds Ginters (1910-2000) and others, have presented the museum with their own works. The manuscripts of prof. Eizens Laube (1880-1967) and the donations of his family were a very valuable contribution.

In Latvia the register of certified architects was established by Latvian Association of Architects (LAA) in early 1990's. In cooperation with LAA the museum works on a list of architects who had practice in Latvia. The list contains over 2000 personalities, with biographical data of more than 900 architects.