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Latvijas Arhitektūras muzejs
Rīga, Mazā Pils iela 19, LV-1050, tālr. 7220779
Open: Mon. 9.00-18.00; Tu., Wed., Th. 9.00.-17.00; Fri. 9.00-16.00; week-end - closed

Museum inhabits one of the Medieval dwelling houses in Old Riga., known as “Three brothers”.


Exhibition cycle “Never-built Riga. Maps and plans” Second exhibition: “Green wedges of blue Riga”

The Latvian Museum of Architecture has nearly a thousand planning projects for Riga from the 20th century. The series of exhibitions “Never-built Riga: Maps and plans” presents planning documents for the capital of Latvia, which were not publicly available when they were prepared, especially during the Soviet occupation. The first exhibition “Riga. Master plan and situation plan” (2015) showed the ambitious plans for the capital of Latvia after the First World War. The second exhibition “The green wedges of blue Riga” reveals the potential of urban water  reservoirs and green areas. It consists of plans that illustrate the efforts of planners to ensure that every inhabitant of Riga has access to a healthy environment regardless of their place of residence. Riga may qualify for the status of a “blue” city, as it has developed on the banks of the river Daugava, it is surrounded by two large lakes, and the inhabitants of the city have access to the beaches of the Gulf of Riga. Curator of the exhibition: Janis Lejnieks.