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Latvijas Arhitektūras muzejs
Rīga, Mazā Pils iela 19, LV-1050, tālr. 7220779
Open: Mon. 9.00-18.00; Tu., Wed., Th. 9.00.-17.00; Fri. 9.00-16.00; week-end - closed

Museum inhabits one of the Medieval dwelling houses in Old Riga., known as “Three brothers”.



Unique building photographs. Project + construction = architecture!
The hard daily construction work is often overlooked while celebrating the aesthetic value of a building. This collection of photographs also displays the anatomy of buildings. The photographic fixation of a construction process or architecture in making requires skill, choise of the exact right point of view and good intuition, because the situation is ever-changing and unrepeatable.
The  exhibition is organized by the project manager of magazines “Latvijas Būvniecība” and “Latvijas Architektūra”  Gunita Jansone. Idea and text: Agrita Lūse, the chief editor of magazine “Latvijas Būvniecība”. Photo: Ainars Meiers, Indriķis Stūrmanis, Marika Vanaga, Aleksandrs Kendenkovs, Edgars Pohevičs. Graphic design: Artūrs Maurāns, the artist of “Latvijas Būvniecība” and “Latvijas Architektūra”