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Latvijas Arhitektūras muzejs
Rīga, Mazā Pils iela 19, LV-1050, tālr. 7220779
Open: Mon. 9.00-18.00; Tu., Wed., Th. 9.00.-17.00; Fri. 9.00-16.00; week-end - closed

Museum inhabits one of the Medieval dwelling houses in Old Riga., known as “Three brothers”.



Old Stories
The exhibition’s author Dr. Sc. Ing. Andrejs Krasņikovs is professor in Institute of Mechanics Riga Technical University and simultaneously the vice-president of Latvian Academy of Sciences. Graduated Latvian University, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in 1978 he has been actively engaged in scientific research of new materials structural mechanics in Latvian and international scientific centers in Sweden, US, UK and other countries.
However, Riga's Old Town always been a place that attracted Author particular interest. In his paintings, he is smiling about ordinary things and with ironic view on things is discovering new angles in Riga's Old Town image.