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Latvijas Arhitektūras muzejs
Rīga, Mazā Pils iela 19, LV-1050, tālr. 7220779
Open: Mon. 9.00-18.00; Tu., Wed., Th. 9.00.-17.00; Fri. 9.00-16.00; week-end - closed

Museum inhabits one of the Medieval dwelling houses in Old Riga., known as “Three brothers”.


AlterSPb: City of public spaces

Vladimir Frolov, curator of the project, offered young architects to show their vision on the public space of the city. Sixteen exhibited projects are in the category of non-developed. Part of them is paper architecture in its pure state and another part presents works that can be materialized in the foreseeable future. Some authors tend to interact with the context of St. Petersburg, while others rely on global trends. The purpose of AlterSPb 2015 is not in receiving the only one correct answer to the question of what public space really is or what it should be in St. Petersburg. The projects’ aim is in the very reflection on the multiplicity of urban environmental variations, as well as on the responsibility of the one who designs and the one, who decides what project to choose for realization. Organizer of the exhibition: magazine “Project Baltia”